Wednesday, 11 March 2015

A little bit about GBG...

I grew up in South Wales but now live in Hampshire with my husband, Matt, and Labrador Jessie. I teach piano, guitar and theory of music to children and adults. I also sing and play in local folk and acoustic clubs and my debut solo album was released last year. Here is the opening track.

I learned to play the guitar as a teenager in Gamlins Music Centre in Cardiff. My teacher, Rob Crocker, was a luthier and sometimes we'd have the lesson in his workshop. I was always fascinated by the half built guitars hanging around the walls and I thought... "One day, I'll build guitars."

I did think it might not be a realistic dream though. I got married and moved away so I wasn't going to be able to ask Rob to teach me to be a luthier. Then I came across Martin Guitar kits. Buying and completing a kit made the project seem just that little bit more achievable. There was also the added bonus of a kit costing only a fraction of a Martin guitar, which I've always wanted but which was definitely out of my price range.

My first guitar, who is named Martina (Yeah, corny but all my guitars have names, maybe another blog entry will introduce them) took me over a year to complete. I didn't work at it solidly though. This was something I'd always wanted to do and I was determined not to allow it to become a chore. I only worked on the guitar when I wanted too. As such, I really enjoyed the process and now have a lovely handmade guitar that I regularly play at gigs. Don't panic M, I promise I will work more diligently on your guitar!

So my next post will include pictures of the parts awaiting assembly, and the early stages in building my very first commissioned guitar!


  1. Hey!

    So I've really loved reading your blog (my friend is friends with your Mum and put me onto your blog coz she knew I'd love it!)

    I was just wondering where you got your Martin guitar kit from? Honestly I had no idea guitar kits were even a thing and now I know they exist I need one in my life!! And it will tide me over while I plan the design of the guitar I'm going to make (I plan to 3d print an electric guitar in small pieces which interlock together).

    I was very happy to see your sharpie art btw: I covered the back and sides of my ukulele in a tribal print using a sharpie (yours looks soo much better than mine though, I'm majorly jealous and want to get more instruments to draw on for practice now!)

    I look forward to hearing more about the black guitar (love the fox btw) and the other guitars that you have been creating. I found your blog absolutely fascinating to read and its really inspired me to actually start designing and stop putting it off!

    Best wishes, Heather

    1. Hi Heather, Huge apologies for taking sooooooo long to get back to you. I'm so glad you're enjoying reading this. Who is your friend who knows my Mum? Just curious ;-)
      The kit came from!/c91/s94 Not all of them can be shipped to the UK though so make sure you check.
      I'd love to see a piccie of your tribal sharpie art! I've added some more dragonflies to my guitar but I'm not sure if I improved it or not.
      Spent 6 hours on the black guitar today. New post coming asap!
      Amy xx

    2. Hi Amy! No need to apologise at all :)
      My friend is Val? She currently is living near Manchester.
      Ahhh awesome! I shall definitely be looking at those later on, thank you!
      If I can figure out how to attach a picture on this thing I will show you... On Saturday I started a new guitar - my friend is getting baptised in October and has always wanted a guitar and absolutely loves daisies, so I'm doing a daisy pattern all over the back (looks pretty good so far so hopefully I don't mess it up!)
      Oooh would love to see the updated guitar with more dragonflies!
      Goodness me sounds like it really is hard work! I look forward to reading the next post.
      Heather :)

    3. Hi Heather, oh yes I know Val. My mum and her go way back. She was like an auntie to me while I was growing up, she's lovely!
      I don't think you can post pics in the comments here. If you email me some pics I'll post them though.
      Tell Auntie Val that Amy says Hi!
      Amy x