Thursday, 5 March 2015

Hello and Welcome to Guitar Building Girl

So what's this blog about? I have my first order for a handmade acoustic guitar and I will be blogging the process in this space. I've already built one guitar and I posted the stages on Facebook, see background image. This should have a wider potential audience though.

Why 'Guitar Building Girl'? OK maybe at thirty... (cough) 'girl' is stretching it a bit. 'Guitar Girl' was quickly dismissed as a blog title when the Google search for it came back. Strategically placed guitars in girly pics was not the kind of blog I had in mind! The point is I don't know any other female luthiers. Maybe if there are any out there, and they find this blog, they'll stop and say Hi!

So, I'll start with a pic of my workspace (complete with furry mascot, Jessie). Construction of the guitar ordered by M will begin shortly.

Do leave me a message, This process will be a lot more fun if I know people are interested. My next post will be a little bit about me and my other projects.



  1. One day I might commission you to do a superior baritone uke. That is, if I can get past G, C, and D7...

    1. An 8 string one would be nice wouldn't it! Then even G, C, and D7 will sound impressive!

  2. At least you didn't call your Blog, 'Girl necking'
    And btw, looking at your workshop, you are fitting necks to yer gits?
    Having heard you play a guitar you've made with your own fair hands, I wish you well with your Blog. May your followers rise up!