Monday, 15 August 2016

Festival Season

It has been festival season for GBG. That means it's Sharpie time! I've added some more dragonflies to Freddie the Festival guitar. The idea was to make it look more like a swarm than a line of insects. I'm not sure if I've improved the design or made it too fussy. Anyway, next year I may well remove the design with meths and do something else.

The pic below was taken by Jo Elkington while I was queueing for a slot on the club tent stage.

I met some lovely musicians in the queue this year, as I did last year. The folk trio Kadia, Emily Mae Winters and Gina Leonard. Lots of chat and a few tunes dodging the rain showers. AND... Lee's (Kadia) mum is the creator of the knitted folk artists!! Being knitted is how you know you've made a mark in the folk world. I wonder if anyone in the family would like some sharpie art... 

Between acts on the main stage the large screens are used to post photos that the audience tweet. Freddie and I made it and so did my parents. 

I also rediscovered my love of screen printing with the Portable Print Studio at Cambridge. I'd love to get back into printing. A range of guitar t-shirts for girls is brewing in my mind, maybe starting with a  'Folk Star' design.... any thoughts girls?

Last but not least I just opened my Etsy shop to sell the leather bracelets (including dragonfly ones) I often make at festivals and singarounds. Amy's Beads And Braids Hmm... I wonder if Lee's mum would like to trade some custom made bracelets for a knitted GBG...

I will end this post with a meme I first saw posted by the lovely Ange Hardy. She may even have created it. 

Happy summer everyone!

The next post will be the various stages and attempts at the black finish for the top of M's guitar - much more serious and educational but probably not as colourful.

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