Sunday, 24 July 2016

A Confession...

Ok it's time for GBG to break the silence with a confession. The black guitar is still ongoing but there have been a few setbacks. I have now attempted the finish on the top 5 times! This is most definitely going to be the only black guitar I build. Fortunately M is a most patient customer. I WILL get this right eventually! The problem has been the finish pooling around the rosette and sound hole. So I have started again on a new piece of spruce. The back and sides in mahogany are looking lovely and I think/hope I have the top well on its way now. I'm using a different approach for the spruce.

Confession Time- What I haven't mentioned here before is that I started two guitars when I began the black one for M. The other one was finished a few months ago as it was a natural wood colour. It was for Jonathan Lewis, a guitarist I play with whenever I get the opportunity.

Photo courtesy of Neil King from Fatea

So I'm going to do a few posts on the building of that guitar in between updates on the black guitar. I'm also going to use this blog for my other musical projects - my songwriting, recording and gigs.

On that note, the video for my song Gladdie (expertly produced by Brian Kutscher) is in the semi-finals of the UK songwriting competition. Here it is!

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