Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Finished... Woohoo!

The black guitar went to M this week! He's pleased with it and so am I.

Here are the last few stages.

The whole body was covered in layers of low tack masking tape and then the channels for the maple binding were routed. Scraping the bindings back to flush with the surface was tricky but the masking tape protected the black finish. When a guitar is the natural wood colour all the finishing is done after the the bindings are completed.

The neck joint needed only minimal adjustment.

The fretting was done before the finger-board was glued into place and then the neck finish was applied. The neck was left natural because over years of use the black finish would be worn away by the fretting hand.

The precise measurements required for fitting the bridge could now be marked out on the masking tape. The area was stripped of the top layers of black finish with Nitromors. Gulp!

Then it was time for the tuning pegs and stringing.

The final set-up and fitting of the pick-up was done by Paul Walker of Courtney and Walker. He has many years of experience with guitars, violins and also woodwind and brass instruments. He did a great job and the guitar was comfortable to play.

So what now for GBG? A little break and then on with the next commission. A spruce and rosewood combo 000 for B. NOT IN BLACK!

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