Friday, 7 August 2015

Sharpie Art

A slightly off-topic post as it's festival season. Normal (slightly more sensible) service will be resumed in the next post. 
I've just come back from a wonderful Cambridge Folk Festival where I played my first ever slots on the Club Tent stage and in The Den. Two lovely smaller venues for newly emerging artists and a more intimate atmosphere.

I obviously needed to take a guitar with me to the festival but I was somewhat worried about taking a valuable handmade instrument camping. I bought a second-hand Yamaha guitar for £40 and took that. Yamaha build good consistent guitars and after a bit of work on the set-up it plays quite well.
So... I decided to customize it. A festival guitar should be fun after all!

Lots of people saw me sitting out in the sun with a dozen coloured Sharpie markers while I drew the dragonfly design. I had a mixed response. Some people said: “Wow, that's great! You should set up a stall and charge to decorate people's guitars!” Others were more sceptical: “Is that PERMANENT marker?!” My explaining the cost of the guitar did little to appease those who thought it was bordering on sacrilege to decorate ANY guitar with PERMANENT marker. Actually the design will wipe off with methylated spirit.

Hubby's shoe makes a very good festival cider glass holder

So, any takers? Would anyone like an old cheap guitar decorated with Sharpie Art? Should I set up a branch of GBG for the purpose? OK, maybe not but I thoroughly enjoyed the process and Freddie the Festival guitar is a fun talking point. 

Back to the progress of M's guitar in my next post. The black has proven more tricky than expected but I think I've cracked it now.


  1. Don want mozzies on my Strat, thanks all the same!

  2. Wouldn't mind having that Yamaha, please.
    Does it come with meths?

    1. Hello Anon, the tone of these comments makes me suspect you are someone I know... PW by any chance? And no, meths is not included! ;)